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Women in trucking has been a hot matter of discussion for quite a while now. The numbers are slowly growing, but not as much as you would hope. Women in trucking are still very few compared to men. Most women are yet to believe that trucking is not only for men. Things are getting better in terms of numbers. There has been more awareness in the recent past. Opportunities are there, begging for the women to take them up.

Attracting Women to Join Trucking

Attracting women to join trucking hasn't been easy. According to Transport Topics, several strategies are in place to achieve the same. Currently, they are targeting women while they are still young girls. They are bringing awareness to them about trucking in their early life stages. They also conduct media interviews promoting trucking to female audiences. The aim is to reach out to women and remind them that trucking is for all.

Mentorship programs are also being used to attract women to the industry. One is called LeadHERtrucking; it empowers women to succeed in trucking. The other one is Women in Motion. It advocates on behalf of women in trucking. Some carriers have gone a notch high in their efforts. They are pairing up women to mentor each other. They want to sell a good picture of trucking to women out there.

Women and Leadership

Women taking up leadership roles has also been a subject for a while. The equity and equality debate between men and women is the order of the day. Women require encouragement to join the trucking industry. The Promoting Women in Trucking Workforce Act was formed to serve this purpose. It comprises 16 women whose task is to bring women into trucking. The task is not an easy one. But they must find ways to attract more women to this untapped resource, trucking.

Reasons for the Small Numbers

Women must get to know that trucking brings independence and financial security. Over the years, truck driving has been male-dominated. Making women see themselves as capable of working here is quite a challenge. Most believe the career here belongs to men. Once this misbelief is off the table, numbers will grow. Some have raised issues of safety. The industry is working on making truck stops even more secure and well-lit to deal with safety issues.

The number of women in trucking has been growing slowly but steadily. In the past, there were very few women in trucking. The industry is confident that, with time, they will be even more. The industry has been challenging for them, but it is only getting better. The opportunities are there; it's just a matter of taking them up.

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