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Self-driving trucks have become common in North Texas. Several companies have set up their trucks for testing in North Texas. Transport Topics states these trucks still have a driver behind the wheel. The human driver is there for Safety in case there are any problems. In the future, the trucks will no longer need drivers. Many companies are working hard not to be left behind in the journey. Some of the big boys are already in North Texas testing their trucks. The only question without an answer is how safer the trucks are.

Why North Texas?

Texas is a state where the industry seeks to prove itself. The state is supportive of these investors. It wants to understand the technology and support the industry to get bigger. Texas is attractive to these companies since it has fewer regulations. There also is lots of freight already moving in Texas.

Texas does not require these trucks to have a human driver. The trucks have the drivers for safety. Safety is one of the first things trucking companies talk about. That’s why it is a gradual process. Texas is welcoming to self-driving trucks. There will be even more deployed in these areas. Truckers can determine when they are ready to operate without a driver. While these inventions are good, there must be a way to regulate them for safety purposes.

How do Self-Driving Trucks Work?

These trucks are a result of the ever-growing technology. The trucks have sensors that feed the trucks' computers with information on how to navigate a route. Some of the vehicles are remotely monitored from a central place. The trucks' computers are constantly updated to be aware of road changes. Handling changes on the roads is one of the most challenging things. That is one of the grey areas that the truckers must figure a way around before going fully driverless. This is one of the reasons why these trucks will need human drivers for quite some time.

These self-driving trucks will solve the labor shortage crisis. It will take some time to see them operating without a human driver. Safety is the main priority. Until companies can find a solution, they will still need a human driver. The future for self-driving trucks is big. Technology is the way to go. There will be even more of these autonomous trucks as time goes by.

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