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In the modern day, safety and technology go hand in hand. Road safety is one of the essential things in workplaces. Technology is vital in ensuring the workplaces are safe for workers. According to an article by Transport Topics, the two are quite an area to be looked at. The stakeholders have raised a few concerns about the current trends around technology and safety.

What the Future Holds

The associations involved in the transport sector have been vocal about safety and technology. They have made their concerns public. They want Congress to come up with safety programs. In addition to that, they also want technology to be at the center of the industry. That is the way to go. Plans to invest in infrastructure are being made. The stakeholders are currently overseeing these plans, which involve $1.2 trillion.

The main focus is now on improving infrastructure. The people involved are pushing for the same thing. They want to address the issues that lead to road crashes. The main aim is road safety for all road users. They will constantly share best practices to improve safety. They hinted at learning from one another and spreading good ideas. Paula Hammond noted that it is their priority to ensure a safe workplace for thousands of men and women.

The more projects, the more risk at the workplace. However, there is an effort to ensure these work zones are as safe as possible. Almost 43,000 traffic fatalities occurred in 2021, a 10.5% increase from the previous year. Therefore, there is a need to do something about it since roads are the most used facility.


On matters of technology, there has been a great need for transparency and a clear line of communication during deliveries. Technology will provide all that. New technologies require different skills. Employers must be open to hiring and retaining new personnel with such skills. For these projects to succeed, grants from the government are needed to support them. All stakeholders must come together to ensure that all the required resources are available.

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