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Getting parking spots for truckers has become quite a challenge. Most truck drivers have missed out on spots to park their trucks in the recent past. The trucking industry is fast-growing, meaning there are even more trucks. After a long day of hustle, one must plan how to rest. If not, they would land in trouble.

As per an article by FreightWaves, most of these drivers land into these problems because of a lack of a plan. Just like in all aspects of trucking, even parking requires a plan. Lack of a proper plan leads to hustle and a race against time. Given the strict rules around driving time, drivers must have a clear plan to close the day. Failure to plan, they end up with poor parking slots. As a result, they end up not getting enough rest.

Reliance Partners Vice President of Safety Brian Runnels asked why one should wait so long to pack. He noted that you would likely miss out on parking space if you reach a place beyond 5 or 6 o'clock. He stated that it is crucial to plan, or else parking will be an issue, depending on where you are.

ATA reported that 98% of drivers fail to get safe truck parking spaces. 58% of them resolve to illegal parking at least thrice a week. And about 70% of them violate HOS rules in search of safe parking slots. Parking has become even scarcer in recent times. Runnels noted that the prevalence of regional jobs has made it even more difficult for long-haul drivers to get places to park.

Runnels advises drivers, especially those in busy places, to spare more time for parking. They should also ask shippers or receivers about the availability of parking. He also added that if in time, they should look for the best and safest parking places. They should also park with respect to the laws of each state or county. Parking space is not guaranteed for anyone. But they should give themselves a chance to get one by planning their trips properly. Proper planning would allow them to rest well and deliver on their jobs.

Parking Spots for Truckers
Parking Spots for Truckers

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