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ArcBest announced the launch of a system that would make loading and offloading easier. The tech allows loading and offloading a trailer in just one movement. Many benefits come with making such work easier. This would be a major boost for the truckers in the long run. It is a major boost towards making the supply chain even better.

The Vaux Freight Movement System

According to FreightWaves, The Vaux Freight Movement System is a game changer. It is a combination of hardware and software. It is a very flexible system. It is made so that it works with almost any forklift. Freight filling an entire trailer is positioned on the mobile platform. Once unloaded, forklifts can service it from all directions at the same time.

The mobile platform can fill up an LTL pup trailer. Two of the platforms can fill a 53-foot trailer. The platform is flexible in that it can fit different dimensions of freight. The operating system dictates how the system works. Loading and unloading are so quick with this kind of technology in use.  

Benefits of the Vaux Freight Movement System

Traditionally, customers load their trailers with a piece at a time. That kind of operation affects the supply chain, not positively. Vaux addresses such kind of shortcomings of the traditional systems. It transforms the way freight moves. The Vaux system can work with warehouse management systems to help the real-time freight monitoring. The system reduces the time drivers waste waiting. It reduces the number of damage claims. The quick process means that dock utilization becomes better and lowers operation costs.

Vaux offers speed and efficiency to a game-changing level. It provides part of the solution for the supply chain issues we’ve faced in the recent past. It helps clear the docks, reduce damage and improve the processes around all warehouse operations. The ability to offload in one go is no joke. With flexibility, the system can serve almost all customer needs regarding loading and offloading.

Such innovations can go a long way in making work easier. They make the entire trucking industry better. The program was piloted back in 2019. It has been in use for a while now. Customers are now interacting with it to appreciate how it works, and it makes loading and unloading easier; in just five minutes.

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