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Extending trailers' life is part of making a business more successful. A durable truck means less is spent on repairing it. It also means that the truck would generate more income for the owner with less input. Several challenges are being faced, and they cannot be ignored. For a while, the supply chain has not been at its best. The manufacturers are working around it to provide solutions to their customers.

The Trailer Floors

According to Transport Topics, moisture and overloading mainly attack the trailer floors. The industry is looking for ways to deal with moisture. They use wood and resin composite floors. Wood is the common material, and it is also more affordable. The floors are the most vulnerable parts of a trailer. Therefore, it must be made of good material to last longer. Aluminum is the best one in this case. Some manufacturers use oak to make the floors. Oak is naturally resistant to decay. Before composite floors, lumber floorboards were the common material. They cut them into strips and glued them along the edges.

The biggest threat to the wood is moisture. It causes damage from the top through to the bottom. Rapid decay causes damage. If properly coated, the boards can last up to 15 years. A wax-based coat is added and reapplied every four years. It prevents the floor from rotting from underneath. All these solutions aim to deal with moisture. It is one of the biggest threats to trailer floors.

OEM Approach

OEMs have taken a different approach. They are currently using mostly aluminum due to its strength and durability. It is also coated to prevent reactions with the surface. Trailer owners also have their responsibility when it comes to this subject. They are to keep doors closed and roofs free from any leakages. It keeps out both moisture and corrosive rays. The companies are also trying to educate the customers on such awareness. They advise them to avoid things such as pressure washing. It weakens the fiber, shortening the floor's life. One more problem is overloading. During loading and unloading, the floors are damaged. Trailers must be careful during these two processes to protect the floor.

Economic view

The economic view can also not be ignored. The pandemic hit hard when it did. It disrupted the trailer industry just like other industries. It has led to shortages in materials. The supply chain is slowly improving but is still far from its best. Despite the challenges, manufacturers still do their best to provide for truckers. Extending the life of trailers is the responsibility of both the makers and the owners. They must both do their part to make it a success.

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